The Malediction of A Companion of Muhammad (SAW)

The Malediction of A Companion of Muhammad (SAW)

The Malediction of A Companion of Muhammad (SAW)

Narrated by Jabir bin Samurah (ra): “The people of Kufa would always ungrateful to their rulers and made different types of allegations on them. They didn’t even spare the Companion of Muhammad PBUH. The Commander of the Faithful, Hazrat Umar Farooq(ra) appointed Saad ibn Abi Waqqas(ra) as the Governor of Kufa after him. Saad was an esteemed Companion and great conquerer.”

The people of Kufa accused Saad Radiyallahu Anhu for not offering the prayer well. They said- ‘Saad don’t lead the prayer well.’ When Umar Farooq (ra) enquired about the issue, then Saad said- By Allah, I prayed with them exactly as the Prophet’s prayer was. I prolonged the first two rak’ahs and shortened the last two.’

Commander of the Faithful, Umar Farooq (ra) said – “I have the same expectations from Saad.”

Umar sent some men to Kufa for further inspecting the matter. Only one single person critisized Saad and saying- “Saad never leads the army in the battles. He never rules fairly among the people. He never devides profits evenly.”

However, this incident affected this Companion, who was given the glad tidings of Paradise. He raised his hands to pray Allah as follows:

“O Allah! I asks you for three prayers to be answered. If he is lying just for the sake of gaining name and fame, then O Allah, lengthen his life, increase his poverty and afflicts him with trials.”

Saad’s prayers were answered against that Kufi. He suffered a lot with misfortunes. He used to say about himself- “I’m and cursed by Saad.”

Abdul Malik bin Omair narrates- “I saw that person who falsely charged Saad. His white eyebrows kept falling on his eyes. He used to molest and chase the women walking on the street even in his old age.”


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