The Dreadful End For Making False Allegation

The Dreadful End For Making False Allegation

Hazrat Saeed bin Zubayr (ra) is among those fortunate noble categories, who were given the Glad Tidings of Paradise on the Earth by the Apostle of Allah, Muhammad PBUH. Zubair is one of the most worshiping and extremely obedient servants of Allah. In his holy life, a paining event occurred which has been famous among the people for a long time.

A woman, Urwa bint Owais made an allegation Against him. She claimed that Saeed has unjustly occupied my land. This woman kept spreading her claim and propagating her allegation among the public. One day, that woman went to the Governor of Madina, Marwan bin Hakam. Marwan was well aware of the value of this esteemed Companion. He, instead of ordering Saeed to appear in court, sent some respected men to talk with him.

Saeed was deeply hurt by the accusation. He said: “How can I oppress that woman, when I myself heard the Messenger of Allah saying- “Whoever wrongly takes a span of land, Allah will make him carry seven earths around his neck.”

(Source: Ṣaḥiḥ Muslim 1610)

After which, Saeed bin Zubayr (ra) said- “O Allah! That lady has falsely accused me. O Allah, if she is liar in her charge, then make her blind. And the well about which she argues with me, make her die in that well. O Allah, make it clear that I didn’t oppressed her.”

Not a month had passed since this malediction of Saeed (ra), that the woman became blind. One day while she was wandering around on her land, she fell and died in that well about which she was blaming Saeed bin Zubayr (ra).


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