Australian Wildfires and the Splendid Decree of Muhammad (saw)

Australian Wildfires and the Splendid Decree of Muhammad (saw)

Flames in Australia’s forests caused huge loss of lives and property in the past few days. Approximately, 40 million animals were killed three million acres of land burned to ashes.

According to the investigation of 2018 and 2019-20, the scientists said- the main cause of the fire is Eagle, which deliberately tries to spread fire. The Eagle presses the burning sparks in its mouth throws it into other bushes. It tries to burn all the plants and shrubs that come in its domain.

May the sacrifices be made on the integrity of the words of Muhammad saw, the chief of truth-tellers, who fourteen years ago ordered us to kill the Eagles due to its harmful trait.

Muhammad saw said: There are five fatal animals that can be killed inside the Haram, then, outside the Haram , it will be permissible to kill them too, on a first preference.

1) Mouse
2) Eagle
3) Crow
4) Scorpion
5) Biting Dog

Sahih Bukhari- 3314

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